Risk Management

Risk Management is an integral part of all business processes across PASHA Holding. All risks are proactively evaluated to make a real contribution to the achievement of the PASHA Group's vision and strategic objectives.

Enhanced Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) framework is used to drive the sustainable growth of PASHA Holding and its enterprises. The ERM framework provides consistent approach to the identification, assessment and monitoring of risks throughout the Group. Effective, appropriate, and flexible risk control activities contribute to improved decision-making process.

A comprehensive risk appetite statement resides at the heart of an effective risk management program and is linked to the Holding's overall risk management philosophy and strategic ambition. Accordingly, PASHA Holding does not tolerate:

1. Non-compliance with regulatory requirements
2. Non-compliance with any component of internal control requirements
3. Any significant deviations from strategy.

PASHA Holding has establishes a culture of risk awareness, which is widely adopted and understood throughout the group. Sustainable communication mechanisms help people understand risks and develop their skills to perform their duties with due care and accordingly.